Tuesday, September 13, 2011

im alive.

hello blogging world! just wanted to write a SUPER quick post and say that "yes, im alive." and "yes im going to be posting very soon." junior year just started for me, and i am already in complete love with this school year. the start of the school year always is the best; fresh new sheets of papers, clean erasers, and sharp pencils. but i suppose the reason i am actually enjoying this year is that im playing volleyball pretty much every day (undefeated team woot!) and getting to hang out with my amazing friends after school & on the weekends. people always told me being an upperclassmen is the best and they were totally right.

my schedule is pretty much school, homework, volleyball practice, photoshoots, editing, more homework, volleyball games, etc. its crazyy but i love it. i love having no time to spare and being on the go none stop. it makes me feel productive and happy. so that is my short but sweet little post. i have tons of sessions coming up and several i am editing and need to post. im so excited to share them with you all!

lizzy, me, and abby. one of the last amazing summer nights.
(did i mention im totally in love with varsity/letterman jackets. oh and im totally loving the retro feel of this)


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