Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby!

Today is a very special's someones birthday, its Abby's 15th Birthday!

:D Wow, time flys, it seems like just yesterday I met Abby at a circle group in church. I was probably 7 or 8 and I thought Abby was soo old, at least 16! Haha! I was always very intimidated by that older blonde girl! ;) But I found out she was my age, and we hit it off right away. I remember getting a letter in the mail from Abby, and I thought who is Abby? Lol!

I remember being really really scared to go to her house for the first time and believing her dad had a hillbilly brother with buck teeth named Billy Bob, haha sad to say I believed this for several years (which Abby will be quick to tell you)!

I remember us hiding from the "yellow man" this guy that ran through Abby's yard in a yellow t-shirt (yes we were very freaked out by him!) I remember our countless letters we would send to each other (oh my these are some of the cutest letters ever) and our e-mails we sent back and forth with barely any words except "yup" and "whatz up?".

I remeber calling Abby from my vacation out west and telling her there was a cowboy in the next room! "He is 15 and really tall! He looks like he is at least 18!!" "NO! NO! NO! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? What does he look like?" "He looks like the guy in the Hannah Montana Movie! AWWWWWW!" "AWWWWWWW! REALLLY????" Yes! what should I do?" "Awww go talk to him!" "NOO WAYY!" "YESS!" "AWW!!"

One thing you will notice right away about me and Abby is that we look like total opposites, I am a brunette that is quite shorter then Abby with dark brown eyes and Abby is a tall blonde with blue eyes. One time this guy asked us if we were sisters (yes I think he was officially blind).

Abby and I have been super tight and have spent soo much time together over the last couple of years. We are seriously so close but have never had a fight. We have gone through some much together and have had some of the craziest experiences! If we haven't seen each other in a week it feels like ages! Even though we are very different we are alike in many ways. Abby is one of the funniest, sweetest, gorgeous girls you will ever meet. If you know her then you know that there is pretty much no one like Abbby! ;) She is such a good friend in every way and am so blessed to be able to call her my friend.

Then and Now!

Abby, Caitlin, and I when we were about 5. This was the first time I think I had ever seen Abby before!


Abby and I doing our Gem's friendship badge!
At my 10th Birthday Party! ;)


Us in our awkward stage, lol!

In front of the Mayflower hotel, we had tea there!


With our demolished gingerbread house, haha yes we aren't the best with this kind of thing!


Imitating Kerri Walsh and Misty May Turner (beach volleyball players) during the 2008 summer Olympics!


Abby and I making our video for a history project. I was the soldier and Abby was the nurse! LOL!
Us now! :D


Happy Birthday Girl! I hope you have a extra special day! Thanks for making me laugh and being such a blessing in my life!

Love you girlie!

Enjoy the slideshow!


  1. Nicki, this is so sweet!! I was crying as I watched the slide show! Thanks for taking the time to bless Abby on her birthday with this wonderful blogpost. You are a such a good friend to her. So grateful for you! :)

    Love, Mrs. H

  2. nicki this is like aaaahhh so cute thanks so much for making this for me! SO many memories were brought back... wow we sure took a lota pics as we grew up, im so glad lol! your an amazing friend <3 thanks sooooo much!!!!!

    abby :')

  3. Aww this is so awesome..
    I LOVED the slideshow!

  4. Ohhh that was so great nicki! :D so precious.

    (haha you girls crack me up <3)

    have a happy 15th, abby!

  5. aww nicki this was soo sweeet!! made me tear up just watching the slideshow and looking at your guy's friendship! it was so sweet to do for her!! i also love the song! soo good! works perfectly! freshman year! great job! :) bri

  6. that is so cute, nicki!

    haha, i remember when you guys did the history thing for the civil war with ellie. :P you got ketchup on my hat. :) -abbie


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